Endurance Teams

GSP Racing

​Kart Number: 6
​Drivers: Michael Missos, George Papanikitas & Daniel Paterson
​Best Team Round Finish : 6th
Best Place in Championship : 12th (2016)
CHAMP Class Wins : 2

The lads from the shire were the big improvers in Season 2016. Having finished on a high at the final round at Orange CHAMP Class victory is in their sights for season 2017. Getting better all the time and top blokes who are always good for a yarn & a laugh.

ProAxle – 8

Kart Number : 8
Drivers: Bryan Freestone, Jordan Freestone & Cameron Crick
Race Wins: 4
Championship Wins : 2 (2015 & 2016)

Our reigning champions are back for the three-peat. Same driver line up as last years winning combination, and some stand-out talent stepping in when Cameron is running Toyota 86, this team is ready to do what no other team has done before – win three championships on the trot. In what will be the most competitive Subaru year to date, Kart 8 goes into 2017 as favourites.

Karting World Favourites

Kart Number: 12
​Drivers: David Zammit & Cory Barlow
Race Wins : 7
Best Place in Championship : 1st (2013)​

Committed to most but not all of the season, Dave & Cory will be out for race wins. When this Tony Kart is on – its on, and its near impossible to catch. So long as the chain stays on, they could well win the most races in the season, and go close to winning the year without being at all the venues.

Rusty Nuts Racing

Kart Number: 16
​Drivers: Matt Munn, Troy Bellamy & Simon Bestmann
​Best Finish : 10th
Best Place in Championship : 25th (2016)
Best place in CHAMP Class Round : 10th

These blokes have speedway in their blood, sideways doesn’t work in a Subaru Kart, but Rusty Nuts are committed to most of the championship and are loving every minute of their racing. Great to have you aboard !

Having Fun 2.0

Kart Number: 18
​Drivers: Shane MacMillan & Carl Wills
​Best Finish : 7th
Best Place in Championship : 22nd (2016)
Best place in CHAMP Class Round : 2nd

What a nice bunch of blokes ! Up In Smoke – lets hope not fellas. Having raced for other teams last year on and off, it was great to see Shane purchase his own kart. Always approachable and on the constant improve, we enjoy having these guys around and pleased to see a new team with great pace ! Some great qualifying last year showed speed, now for some luck and consistency and race results will follow !

Having Fun

Kart Number: 19
​Drivers: Steve Gaal, Scott Gaak, Mark A Dyksta & Mark D Dykstra
​Best Finish : 10th
Best Place in Championship : 16th (2016)
​Best Place in CHAMP Class Round 4th

With the additon of the two Mark D’s this team will step up in 2017 for sure. Steve is one of the best blokes in our series and represents the true reason our club exists – to compete and to have fun. This kart is a real contender for CHAMP Class results this year – expect an improvement in kart setup and lap times for sure.


Kart Number: 22
​Drivers: Zac Fullagar
​Best Finish : 12th
Best Place in Championship : 20th (2016)
​Best Place in CHAMP Class Round 6th

Zac races hard and has been on the improve all last year. Completely new to karting he showed at Canberra last year in the Sprint event he has got the pace. The big issue has been kart preparation and setup which takes time to learn. Expecting some great results in CHAMP Class this year from Kart 22.

Maldon Storm

Kart Number:  30
Drivers:  Michael Russell & Tony Bregonje
Race Wins : 9
Championship Wins : 2 (2011 &  2012)

Lets face it, this team is probably equal favourites for the season with Kart 8. Two times champs, and the retired Mike Russell has more time to prep his kart, and certainly isnt getting any slower. When Tony & Mike race each other, they run into each other, but as a team they are dead set on the money for a top result in 2017.

Epic Karts

Kart Number:  36
Drivers:  Laurie Fooks
Race Wins : 1
Best Place in Championship : 3rd (2016)

Laurie is looking to improve on third in last years championship. Without doubt the most committed bloke in our series with setup. When the rest of us are packed up for the night Laurie is still tinkering away. Reward for effort, this bloke should be way out in front.

Sonic Racing

Kart Number: 37
Drivers: Adam Smith & Carl Irving
​Best Finish : 6th

Carl a two time champ steps into Adam’s kart for the season. Orange showed Kart 37 has outright pace and these two are the dark horse for the 2017 season. Adam finished second last year in the championship and although this is his first year running his own team, expect them to be right there at every event.

ProAxle – 38

Kart Number: 38
Drivers: Mick Upston, Dean Upston & David Scott
Best Team Round Finish : 2nd
Best Place in Championship : 8th (2016)
​CHAMP Class Wins : 3

These guys have one goal – to win CHAMP class. Dave has been on a fitness regime and the results are clear to everyone. If things go right these blokes can podium in the outright class for sure. Preparation is always great and they old notion of passing them in a straight line because they are a little heavier wont come in to play as much this year – could be a hard kart to pass !

The Dudleys

Kart Number: 40
Drivers: Rob Metcalf, Rob Russell, Joe Scarcella & Tim Brook
Race Wins: 12
Championship Wins: 1 (2014)

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, so just get a puppy instead. The addition of Super Tim has lifted the spirits of our 2014 champions. Last year was probably their worst for results and they want to bounce back. Our most loved team – the comedians of SKA – should have a great year. You can feel and see the excitement and early pace suggests they will be front runners again.

PTK Racing

Kart Number: 65
Drivers: Paul York & Scott Mutimer
Best Team Round Finish : 8th
Best Place in Championship : 17th (2016)​
Best Place in CHAMP Class Round : 2nd

Now here is a team thats punched above their weight. Newish to the series, in 2016 they showed great pace at the selected rounds they entered. The quiet achievers of the series, all of a sudden PTK are in the results and we’d expect them to do so in 2017.​

ProAxle – 68

Kart Number: 68
Drivers: David Upston, Damian Xuereb & Jarrod Crick
Best Team Round Finish : 3rd
​Best Place in Championship : 10th (2016)

Same kart different drivers – this one and it should be at the front straight away. Dave a former champ is prepping the kart for his two hard chargers. Damo has improved our of sight since doing Legend cars in Speedway, and Jarrod has always had the pace. If they can be consistent all year their team mates might be looking in the mirror by the time the end of the year comes around.

Raging Bulls

Kart Number: 69
​Drivers: Mark Turnbull, Jeeten Chauhan
​Best Team Round Finish : 7th
Best Place in Championship : 9th (2014/15)
Best CHAMP Class Round Finish : 3rd

At the time of publishing Mark may run his own team for part of the year and /or team up with Kart 65. A team looking for success in CHAMP Class and a tremendous supporter of our club. This team attends every race without fail – without the Mark Turnbulls of this world our club doesn’t exist.

Dieci Racing

Kart Number: 70
Drivers: Greg Cox, Hayden Cox, Jonathan Marcusson

At their first sprint event top three results and an eventual podium showed this team will be one to watch. New to Subaru but with good backing and team experience in karting and motorsport we welcome the addition of Dieci Racing to our ever growing series in 2017.

Bodgy Brothers Racing

Kart Number: 73
Drivers: Nathan Godina, Mathew Harris & Mitch Ryan
Best Team Round Finish : 6th
Best Place in Championship : 14th (2016)​
Best Place in CHAMP Class Round : 2nd

If Kart 37 is a dark horse – so are these blokes. Fitness wont be a worry, and this year they’ve spent some money on a new motor and on the equipment. If the reliablity issues are gone, look out everyone , because the kart that landed on pole at Manning Valley in 2016, may well be standing on the podium more than a few times this year !

The Marvans

Kart Number: 79
Drivers: Andrew Evans, Jayden Woolley & Mark Pickering
Best Team Round Finish : 3rd
Best Place in Championship : 15th (2016)​

2016 wasnt the year for the Marvans – but thats behind them now. It’s time to be selfish and stop running race meetings, and instead, get back to driving. Now in a different chassis, one they know and like & with Jayden onboard, expect some good results from Kart 79. 2017 is a rebuilding year and a year to get back into the enjoyment of kart racing. A race win would be nice and can happen if things go their way and anything above that is a bonus.

Veneerstone / DNF Bandits

Kart Number: 82
​Drivers: Rob Baxter, Alix Thompson & Craig Woolley
​​Best Team Round Finish : 12th
Best CHAMP Class Round Finish : 4th
Best Place in Championship : 19th (2016)

Some of the nicest blokes in the series, expect Kart 82 to step up in 2017, in fact, spoiler alert, we reckon this kart will get podium it in 2017 and be a contender for CHAMP Class if they can get on top of their kart preparation. Last year was the first year for this team, so they will be going back to tracks they now know. We hear Craig will be onboad with this team and this will also help them step forward in a big way.


Kart Number : 99
Drivers: Ross Jones, Mick Barlow & William Lucas
Race Wins : 2
Best place in Championship: 4th (2015

Williams a freak – he’s also an alright driver too. If you’re going to pass Ross, just throw it in there and commit, don’t have a half go because you’ll end up in the sand. They’ve got the monkey off their backs now having won two races last season (equaled only by Pro-Axle 8). Expect them to be at the front. Team manager and hard charger Marlow will do some quick laps to keep the boys fresh no doubt so he can join Ross on the podium for an entertaining speech.