Get Involved


How do I become involved ?

The steps to getting on track are outlined below. Please read each section carefully. The club has tried to include as much information as possible for new and potential members.

1. Club Membership

SKANSW Inc. is a club, affilated with Karting New South Wales under the umbrella of Karting Australia. This means, to compete, you must be a member of a Karting Australia affiliated club. By choosing SKANSW Inc. as your club you directly support the Subaru Association in NSW. You also receive a discount on your control exhaust package.

2. Applying for your Karting Australia Licence


Click on the Licences and Entries Button.
Click on the New Licence Application.

Fill in your details.

Type of Licence – Select Senior
Club Details  – Select Subaru Karting Association of NSW or, the home member club of your choice.

Attach your photo to the application (this can be a photograph you take on your iPhone or similar, but make sure it is like a passport photo of your face. Do not wear sunglasses or a hat).

Once you complete your application  you will be asked to print and sign the application form. Please do so and email to your home member club. If you selected Subaru Karting Association of NSW send it to

Next, you will need to arrange with SKANSW Inc, (or the home member club you chose on your application), to meet at a karting circuit before your licence can be approved. At this time, the licencing officer from your home member club with complete a Safety Training Assessment (STA). Once this STA has been successfully completed, your licence will be sent to Karting Australia for administration approval.

An Observed Licence Test (OLT) is the final step in the licencing procedure prior to your first race meeting. These are normally conducted on race day. Once you have successfully completed your OLT you will start on a P Plate Licence and will be eligible for a full licence after completing several race meetings.

For those with previous karting and/or motorsport experience, who do not wish to begin on P Plates, upgrades are considered once a month by Karting NSW.
If you have previous motor sport experience and wish to apply for an upgrade from P Plates to a full competition licence from day one, please fill in the form below and email it to  A fee of $110.00 applies and it is up to Karting New South Wales to approve this request.

3. Engines

New Engines must be purchased from AussieSpeed Australia.  By doing so you receive a fully tagged motor eligible for our series.The association does not have the resources or time to be stripping & checking new motors purchased elsewhere.

The association has negotiated this deal on the members behalf and we appreciate your co-operation on this matter.

Purchasing from AussieSpeed Australia ensures a recognised, sealed, logged and stamped engine delivered to NSW for $1138.00 (April 2017).

This decision brings the association in line with the other four stroke endurance categories where there is one engine supplier only. The association needs to know that engines are standard from the point of sale.

Should you happen to purchase a kart with an existing subaru engine that is not tagged with the correct black padlock seals, please contact the club.

New Engine Order Form

4. Control Exhaust Package

The control exhaust package is available from the Subaru Karting Association of NSW.

The cost of the control exhaust is $260.00 payable to the club account.

Buy an SKANSW Exhaust Package

5. Clutches and eligible components

Clutches are available from the club directly.

Buy a new Clutch

Please also visit our Eligible Components and Adding Weight to the Kart page for additional information.