4SKANSW Getting Started Guide

As a club, we pride ourselves on having an EXTREMELY competitive format, with qualifying results sometimes splitting 5+ karts by less than 0.1sec and multiple 6hr races having the top karts finishing only seconds apart.

One of the most crucial factors in successful endurance racing, is kart setup and reliability.  To finish first, first you must finish…

While specific kart setup is often kept under wraps, tips on kart maintenance and general setup usually flow quite freely between teams, especially toward the newer teams. After all, the more competitive teams we have, the better the racing!

This is where loyal SKANSW Member Greg Cox from Dieci Racing has come to the rescue. Greg has compiled one of the most comprehensive lists of setup tips and advice we have ever seen.  This guide is a MUST for newcomers, and highly recommended to seasoned Subi-Racers with some of Greg’s ideas taking a slightly different approach to running a successful endurance campaign.

The SKANSW Comittee and members would like to thank Greg for the countless man-hours spent on this guide.

Warning, the file is 7MB, so it’s probably not advised for download on mobile.