SKANSW Racing Classes


There is one weight class which is 175 KG
All classes race for outright championship points.

PRO Class

The PRO class races for outright championship points only.
PRO class teams are those that have a nominated team member who has

a) Won an endurance race during the past three seasons
b) Finished top three in the Subaru Endurance championship over the past three seasons

Teams qualifying for PRO Class are:
#8 ProAxle 8, #12 Hoofhearted 12, #20 Double Trouble, #29 Puffin Billies, ​#30 Maldon Storm, #36 Epic Karts, #37 Sonic Racing, #40 The Dudleys, #68 Pro-Axle 68, #78 CDK Racing, #79 The Marvans, #99 HoofHearted.


All teams not eligible for PRO race for outright championship points PLUS
CHAMP points towards the 2017 CHAMP Championship.

CHAMP teams that win a race outright during 2017 will be immediately elevated to PRO class